20 years of Nicole Franco

20 years of Nicole Franco

What a journey it’s been. We’ve just recently relocated back to Houston from Austin, and I still can’t believe how it’s already been 20 years since I first started down the path of interior design.I still remember the day when I realized I’d truly found my passion.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an array of  interesting people  with a broad-spectrum of different tastes ranging from high-end traditional to transitional modern.

What has been the common thread with all of my clients? They’ve all sought a distinct and aesthetically meaningful space that reflected who they are.

Each opportunity made a lasting imprint on me and brought an appreciation and love of different styles. Moreover, I was able to see that in order to effectively translate the heart of my client’s persona into design required building deep personal relationships.

It was the collection of sharing these moments with all of my client’s where I realized how one’s home is the truly the most personal expression of one’s character.

It was in these moments, I realized I’d found my passion. With a simple approach, combining old with new, an eye for color and a love of layering each space uniquely it’s own — I’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to turn hope and ideas into realities — one person & one family at a time.