Custom Upholstery In Houston, TX

Refresh Your Space with Custom Reupholstering

Updating furniture can greatly refresh the entire feel and aesthetic of a space. However, for those who are looking to make a change but still love the structural bones of their furniture pieces, there is an even simpler way to upgrade spaces: reupholstering in Houston.


Our Upholstery Services

Strategic reupholstering of furniture really goes a long way in providing an instant design upgrade! By rejuvenating your furniture with fresh padding, you can make your living space more comfortable as well as stylish. All it takes is a simple change of material. Reupholstering also lets you repair and keep antique furniture pieces and ones that hold sentimental value. Moreover, custom upholstered furniture is durable and easy to clean.


Trust the Design Expert

When it comes to custom furniture upholstery in Houston, Nicole Franco Interior Design offers top quality design guidance, so that clients can achieve exactly the artistic feel that will best suit their needs and personality. With over 25 years of interior design experience, Nicole is adept at ensuring that the vision of a client is a key part of the design process. She’ll help you choose a style and material of fabric that suits your space and lifestyle. This ensures the furniture will elevate your space while also being functional. Nicole will collaboratively work with clients to provide custom upholstery in Houston that is timeless, beautiful, and functional.

Our spaces are a reflection of who we are, and can provide structural support to the daily demands of our lifestyles. Nicole Franco Interior Design prioritizes form and function, so that your space can have both in spades. With a great eye for detail, and a knack for figuring out what clients will need throughout the lifespan of their homes, look no further than Nicole Franco Interior Design for your custom design upholstery in Houston TX needs.

Feel free to read our testimonials or visit our portfolio to explore our work. To learn more about our custom upholstery services, reach out to us today.