Custom Furniture In Houston, TX

Custom Interior Furniture Made to Fit Seamlessly into your Everyday Life.

The design of a home, first and foremost, must fit with the aesthetic sensibilities and everyday functional lifestyle needs of the homeowner. Sometimes, in order to make sure that furniture provides the best fit for both the design and functional needs of a client, custom furniture in Houston TX can be the way to go.

Custom furniture plays an important role in interior design because it can establish the overall ambience in your home. For example, a custom table or armchair can help express your personal tastes and sense of style.

We Can Help!

When clients decide to make the investment in interior design custom furniture in Houston, their options become much wider. Is there a certain print or color of fabric you would love to have featured on your bedroom armchair, but can’t find anywhere? Do you have a tricky to fit space in your living room that you would love to maximize with the perfectly sized sectional? Whatever your needs may be, Nicole Franco Design, can be of help.

No matter what pieces you may be looking for, Nicole can source new and antique furniture for your home. Best of all, as an experienced professional, she also has an eye for visually appealing details. This means she can tailor your furniture to complement rugs, wallpaper, lighting, decorative finishes and more. Additionally, Nicole can make your space complete with custom furnishings.

Why Trust Our Expertise?

Nicole has over 25 years of experience in the interior design industry and specializes in custom made furniture in Houston. Nicole is wholehearted about making sure that the design process is a collaborative partnership with her clients, and is passionate about helping homeowners to realize the full potential of their spaces.

Nicole works with custom-made furniture designers in Houston to help make your design dreams a reality. Going custom is a great option for those looking to create furniture pieces that are tailor made to fit their lifestyle in a way that can also really bring to life their unique personal style!

Create timeless and functional custom fit furniture with Nicole Franco Design. Explore our portfolio and reach out to us today for a consultation!