Color Consultation

Bring the Perfect Ambiance to your Home with Paint Color Consultation

With seemingly endless paint color options available, it can be difficult to choose exactly the right one to bring the desired ambiance to your home. The color of paint on the walls of a room can affect the look and feel of the entire color scheme of the space.

At Nicole Franco design, Nicole is passionate about helping clients to realize the full potential of their homes. Whether you are looking for a quick refresh of your space, or a full design overhaul of your home, finding the right paint color can have truly transformative effects.

With over 20 years in the interior design business, and of pouring her heart and passion into helping homeowners to bring their design dreams to life, Nicole knows the importance of finding the perfect paint color. Nicole offers paint color services to help clients find exactly the right paint color schemes to best suit their design needs and preferences.

Nicole wholeheartedly believes in making sure that the design process is, first and foremost, a collaborative partnership with the client. She can expertly asses your functional needs, your home, and your unique design personality, all in order to create paint color selections that are custom fitted to suit each individual client. A paint color consultation with Nicole can help clients find exactly the right paint colors to set the tone and feel of their spaces.